News Further Elevates LMC Dealer Network

LMC Dealers are renowned for their dedication to the construction industry.  The  "Together We Build" website showcasrd their unparalleled service, competitive pricing, consistent availability, market insights, and community commitment..

 Fran Monk, LMC's Marketing Director, emphasized, "The 'Together We Build' program epitomizes our ongoing support for our dealers. As integral members of their communities, this website reinforces LMC Dealers as the definitive choice for builders aspiring to elevate their business."

LMC Dealers are locally-owned, often multi-generational establishments deeply ingrained within their neighborhoods. By championing these dealerships, contractors not only fortify their ties to the community but also foster the sustenance of local businesses.

Moreover, contractors can leverage a suite of building materials calculators available on the platform, streamlining their estimations and procurement processes. The website also has a search feature facilitating easy access to local LMC Dealers.

Beyond supplying premium products and services, LMC and its dealers actively contribute to community development endeavors. They are not only involved in the construction and revitalization of neighborhoods but also take proactive roles in committees, support local nonprofits, and spearhead pivotal town projects.

For more information on “Together We Build,” visit the!