LMC Dealers thank their LMC Team

LMC Dealers Dave Reichert from Davis Hawn Lumber in Dallas, Texas, and Nate Miller from Millers Building Supply in Goshen, IN, traveled to LMC offices for three reasons. To share their stories of how they got into this industry, explain how each and every one at LMC has made a difference in their businesses, and to personally thank the entire LMC team for all their efforts.

 Dave Reichert from Davis Hawn Lumber explained, "Before LMC, we were good at surviving. Once we joined LMC, we learned how to thrive as a business."

To show the LMC Team how much they are appreciated Dave and Nate teamed up using Nate's monster smoker today to prepare for a 12 hour smoke of brisket, pork and sausage for our annual employee picnic the next day at our offices in Wayne, PA.

While lunch for the next day was smoking, employees were invited to bring a chair and refreshment and enjoy some smoked cheese, salmon, and homemade chips with the chefs and their helpers while they keep the fires going. 
"If you take one thing away from today, I hope you recognize us being here as thank you for how much you do for our organization." Nate Miller, Millers Building