LMC Dealers Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries

LMC is proud to congratulate our Dealers on celebrating milestone anniversaries! These anniversaries range from 75 years to 175 years of business. We applaud these Dealers for their dedication to their communities over the years. LMC will continue to support our Dealers' legacies now and for generations to come.
LMC Dealer Anniversary
Albeni Falls Building Supply 75 Years
American Lumber 100 Years
Beaver Builders Supply Inc. 110 Years
Beeson Hardware 140 Years
Belletetes. Inc. 125 Years
Benson Lumber & Hardware Inc. 110 Years
Better Living Inc. 130 Years
Builders Alliance 110 Years
Builders Supply Company 115 Years
Building Center Inc. of Gloucester 120 Years
Cellar Lumber Company 115 Years
Christensen Lumber Company 100 Years
City Lumber Company, Inc. 120 Years
Crosslin Supply Company Inc. 90 Years
Davis-Hawn Lumber Company 100 Years
Denver Lumber Company 100 Years
Evanston Lumber Company 75 Years
Freres Building Supply 80 Years
Friel Lumber Company 120 Years
Genesee Lumber Company 95 Years
Griffin Lumber and Hardware 75 Years
Hancock Lumber Company Inc. 175 Years
Haven Building Products 110 Years
Iffland Lumber Company 120 Years
John Sixt & Son, Inc. 110 Years
Linn S. Chapel Company, Inc. 110 Years
Liverpool Lumber Company Inc. 75 Years
Morristown Lumber & Supply Co. Inc. 95 Years
Morton Buildings 120 Years
Nelson-Young Lumber Company 110 Years
North Atlantic Corporation 75 Years
Rathbun Lumber Company, Inc. 75 Years
Richco Structures 175 Years
Schoeneman Brothers Company Inc. 135 Years
Self Serve Lumber Company  90 Years
Sliters Lumber and Building Supply 90 Years
Tague Lumber of Media, Inc. 115 Years
Wheelwright Lumber Co., Inc. 115 Years
William B. Morse Lumber Company 170 Years
Withers Lumber Company 95 Years
Woodson Wholesale, Inc. 110 Years