LMC Announces New Program to Promote the LMC Dealer Network!

LMC  the leading Forest Products and Building Materials buying group in America, announces the launch of a new marketing program, “Together We Build” replacing “Billion Dollar Buying Power.    

 Together We Build” will be available to the LMC Dealer Network to emphasize much more than their collective purchasing power. It will focus on how deeply they are involved in their communities and local economies.

Fran Monk, LMC Marketing Director, stated “We are excited to announce "Together We Build" is now a registered trademark for exclusive use by our Dealer Network.  To support our Dealers marketing efforts, we will also be introducing a new website and comprehensive media kit.”
For 85 years, LMC and its dealers have been committed to providing the highest quality products and service to the construction trade. Not only are they part of building and renovating communities, but they also work to keep them thriving by serving on committees, supporting local non-profits and spearheading town projects.

To launch the new brand, LMC has distributed the "Together We Build." video for exclusive use by LMC Dealers.