Congratulations to LMC Dealers TW Perry and Parr Lumber on their PROSALES Excellence Awards!

TW Perry - Winner - Excellence Awards Best Use of Technology

TW Perry’s Quality Assurance System collects reports on past problems to help it build a more efficient operation.The process they created identifies and tracks mistakes. The idea is simple: Whenever an error occurs, an employee goes onto TW Perry’s Intranet and calls up a form in which the worker enters incident information and then has space to suggest how to fix the problem. This is reviewed and allows management to come up with ways to limit future occurrences of the same problem.

Parr Lumber - Excellence Awards Best Use of Marketing—Winner

Parr Lumber’s weekend airwaves adventure creates a wider audience for the Oregon-based dealer.
Weekend Warriors’ with Tony & Corey, is a home improvement radio show that Parr owns and produces weekly at KPAM, an AM radio station in Portland. The Saturday morning program launched early this year has turned two Parr employees into local celebrities, created a potential new source of revenue, and helped Parr reach its goal of being the go-to store for the robust Do-It-Yourselfer.